The First Aid Group

We have been using Everyday Learning’s first aid online learning system for approximately 3 years. All of our students and partners that use the online learning are impressed with the calibre of information they gain. On the admin side of things any time we need assistance they help in the quickest possible time frame fixing any issues that have arisen.

Soteria First Aid

I have used Everyday Learning products for my First Aid/CPR training for the last 3 years and have found them to be extremely useful and relevant to the learning of my students. I have found both the online and hard copy pre-reading to be clear and concise, catering for all my students LLN needs.

I have had the pleasure of knowing John Morris, the creator of these products and found him to have sincere passion, knowledge and skill in this area, this is clearly reflected in these products. Without a doubt I would highly recommend these products to everyone training First Aid.

Far North Training

We have been using Everyday learning resources for many years, we have consistently had fabulous support from the team for any of our requests (orders, general help & assistance). The resources are easy to use, they are fabulous for visual learners and the online learning is user friendly for our RTO.