First Aid Training Manual

The Everyday Learning First Aid Training Manual has been designed to provide clear, up to date first aid information in an easy to use format. Read more

First Aid Course Workbook

The Everyday Learning First Aid Course Workbook is designed to be used together with the Everyday Learning First Aid Training Manual when undertaking a first aid training program. Read more

First Aid Training Powerpoint

The Everyday Learning PowerPoint presentation is matched with the First Aid Training Manual and the First Aid Course Workbook and forms a ready-to-use cohesive first aid theory training program. Read more

CPR Training Manual

The Everyday Learning CPR Training Manual has all the information necessary for students to quickly and easily learn the life-saving skill of CPR. Read more

Personal CPR Kit

Sudden cardiac arrest can occur anywhere and often happens where there may not be rapid access to a first aid kit containing a CPR mask. The Personal CPR Kit provides a practical, inexpensive solution to this problem. Read more

CPR Reminder Card

The Everyday Learning CPR Reminder Card outlines common signs and symptoms of a heart attack and provides a simple guide to the Basic Life Support steps. Read more