CPR Reminder Card

No one really wants to have to deal with a sudden cardiac arrest but if you are confronted by this potentially deadly emergency you need to have the right information on how to best deal with the situation at your fingertips.

A heart attack is one of the most common causes of sudden cardiac arrest. The sooner you recognise the possible signs and symptoms of heart attack and get medical help the better the chances are of a person surviving and recovering.

The Everyday Learning CPR Reminder Card outlines common signs and symptoms of a heart attack on one side of the card and provides a simple guide to the Basic Life Support flow chart showing how to manage an unexpected collapse or suspected heart attack on the other side.

This simple reminder card is the same size as a standard business card making it easy to have available whenever the vital information it contains might be needed.

Bulk orders of 1,000 or more CPR reminder cards can also be customised to have your business details or customised information on one side and the Basic Life Support steps on the other. Please Contact Us to discuss this option.

To purchase copies of the Everyday Learning CPR Reminder Card please Contact Us or Order Online

CPR reminder card